Preservatives And Your Health

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The "Preservative Free Movement" is making waves around this country recently. At Regain Beauty, we want to be transparent about our manufacturing products, what we use in them, and why. Our commitment to your health and safety are at the foundation of our promise to you.

Our preservative for anhydrous products is a scientific blend of six compounds. All of which has a specific job to do while it waits patiently for you to purchase it, and when it waits for you to throw it out after the expiration date. Let's be honest, how old is your mascara? Go ahead, be honest, no judgements here. As I dig in my make-up bag, I look at the bronzer at the bottom of the bag just might have come over with the Mayflower. Or it might have been purchased in a hormone fueled shopping binge when I was nine months pregnant...ELEVEN YEARS AGO. The truth is, no matter how organized and sterile we try to keep our environment, we as humans, make mistakes and forget on a daily basis; and if you have children, all bets are off. More than likely, at some point, something of yours has been in the toilet and the small human isn't telling. (More than likely, its something you put in your mouth.)

Germs; microbes, fungi, bacteria, viruses, mold, and whatever else live under your fingernails can be transferred into your cosmetic product with the quickest swipe of your finger.  It doesn't matter if you just washed and dried them with a freshly washed towel, hung only two hours ago. Remember what I said about children? Well your 8 year old just used the same hand towel to dry off their feet after playing in the rain puddles the same area your dog does his business.
I know, the horror of the visual, but let's be honest here, life is messy.
We don't live in a sterile environment, not by a long shot. Germs and microbes are everywhere, chilling out on random surfaces, just waiting for an opportunity for us humans to put them into something that will allow them to spread like wildfire. They float through the air, cling to our electronic devices, and fester in the jar of mayo in the back of your fridge that should have been tossed back in 2016.

In order to address all of these nasty little bugs that attempt to take over, we need to prevent their growth from the start. We need preservatives in cosmetics.
"But WAIT!", you shout, waving printed documents found on the internet about the dangers of parabens and preservatives "there are safe all-natural, chemical-free ways such as essential oils, to ensure microbe growth."
Actually, no...there hasn't been a confirmed scientific study to provide concrete evidence that any of these all-natural compounds and essential oils can effectively prevent and inhibit the FULL SPECTRUM onslaught of microscopic illness spreaders. When I say full spectrum, I mean all of them. Mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast..etc. All of them.
You reply, with persistence, "But, I have an article here, that proves that Vitamin E and Grapeseed oil extract are natural preservatives, and essential oils are anti-microbial and have anti-bacterial properties!"

Before I respond to the idea that essential oils are germ killers, I think it needs to be addressed that vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil Extract, and a commonly known product we use in the cosmetics industry, Rosemary Olestrin Extract, are NOT preservatives. These products are antioxidants, which is far different than a preservative.
These refined oils are included in formulations to slow the oxidation process of all the oils that are blended into your face creams, scrubs, lotions, and serums. They serve a purpose to extend the shelf life of the final product by preventing these oils from going rancid. That is all they do.
Oils have a shelf life, just like a bag of chips. Everything you put on your body or ingest should have an expiration date or a time-frame of safe usage. 

Grapeseed oil, for example, only has a shelf life of three months. Avocado oil will last nine months. Olive oil can hold on for two years. Then they all develop that putrid smell and become clouded. With the addition of an antioxidant, you can extend the shelf life of these oils, but not forever. This is why there are expiration dates on cosmetics. Read them, respect them, and toss them when the time comes.

Now going back to the claim that there are products that are "All Natural" "Preservative Free."
Scientists around the globe are searching and testing, but have not, to this date been able to safely create a blend of essential oils that would prevent these pesky buggers from populating in our beauty products. When I say, "Safely", I mean it with all sincerity.
The truth when it comes to essential oils and essential oil blends, such as Thieves, is that they do show promise of eradicating microbes, but the concentration needed to achieve this end result requires levels that are far too high to be considered skin safe.

Until a scientific breakthrough is made, we will continue to utilize our laboratory tested and FDA approved preservatives at the recommended usage levels. We want your products to be safe for you and your family and remain safe in any environment, especially a North Dakota farm and ranch environment.

Much love,

The Regain Girls

Donna, Amy and Jill

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