When life hands you lemons, you trade them to your neighbor for a jar of honey and build a business.

We are a team of North Dakotan women, a mother and two daughter team, to be exact, with the pioneer spirit running through our veins. We are innovative, hard working, resilient, and most importantly, adaptive to the ever changing seasons of our home state and life in general.
We are direct descendants to some of the first settlers to this area with the knowledge of the local flora and fauna, passed down through six generations of irrepressible women who thrived in arduous conditions. Regain Beauty is our way of sharing our knowledge of carefully tested and time honored ingredients that are grown locally and sourced right here, in the place we call home, Legendary North Dakota.

Our story began with one product, Unscented Honey Scrub. Utilizing one of the most incredible skincare ingredients known throughout antiquity, raw honey, we created this innovative product to be simple, effective, and gentile on the most sensitive skin, all while allowing hard working hands and feet to successfully complete all of your important jobs without an annoying layer of film or greasy feeling.

Unscented Honey Scrub still remains the flagship of our business and one of our most beloved formulas. We tested this product for years, making changes until we were confident there was nothing like it on the market and we were certain it held value in an over saturated market of competitors.

Years later, we expanded our line of Honey Scrub to appeal to every range of consumer. We then added additional products that cater to specific skin concerns and specific uses, and we are still working feverishly to create new and innovative skin care products in our laboratory.

Skin care and beauty products are everywhere, from mass produced items you can find at your local drugstore; to high end pharmaceutical grade products that require a physicians prescription. We discovered over years of trying many out ourselves, that there was still a need for effective high quality products at an affordable price point that catered to the hard working men and women who live in places where the weather takes a toll on our already damaged skin.

What began as a journey to create a product for personal use, eventually became an operation and line that we are proud to share with our friends, family, and rest of the country. We know that once you try Regain Beauty products, you will love them as much as we do. If not, we will buy them back, because that's the Regain Promise, and how business is handled in North Dakota.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our expanding line of products. It would be our pleasure to assist you in selecting a system that works for your skin type and suits your lifestyle. Feel free to contact us via our contact page or call us during business hours at 701-404-9400.

Much Love from North Dakota,

The Regain Girls
Donna, Amy, and Jill